Divorce Express: The Concept

The Concept
There Is A Right Way

Divorce Express is based on the premise that some people can "agree to disagree” in a sensible way. [cf. "The High Road of Divorce"] If you think so, too, maybe we can help. Even if you and your spouse disagree about many things, perhaps even strongly, maybe you can at least agree agree on a sensible process for working out your differences. You will be doing yourselves, and your children, a long-lasting lasting favor.  If you can also save money and time, maybe it makes sense.In a similar vein, consider

                        "How Divorce Gets Ugly and How to Have a Good One."

The Advocacy Model Can Be a Self Fulfilling Prophesy if You're Not Careful

Getting separated and divorced by resorting to the self serving posturing which characterizes the advocacy model of our legal system should not be your only choice. For some, it may be the only choice. For others, however, there should be other choices. Divorce Express has created a cost effective and quality alternative.

The New Rules

By following some new Guidelines, you can help reduce the time and dollar cost of your divorce, and still have an outcome which is as fully informed and every bit as sound and legally enforceable as you can reached through the formal, longer and more expensive legal process. See our Section on "The New Rules".


Do the Least Harm

If you think these Guidelines will help you solve the problem in a way which does the least amount of harm to you and your family, maybe it's worth a real careful look.


Our method discourages you from driving yourself and your spouse apart any further than you need to do to resolve your legitimate differences.

You Now Have a Choice

Divorce Express wants to try and help separating and divorcing people navigate their way through their differences without getting enmeshed in the formal legal system.  This applies even to people who may not agree, and may even strongly disagree, on what is an appropriate or “fair” resolution of those differences. When you come to Divorce Express, we do not act as your attorney. We do not "represent" you unless you make that specific request. Instead, we act as your Guide through the maze of the legal system. The members of our Network are not our employees. They are people we know and respect. You are not obligated to use their services. We "manage" the process--we do not act as attorneys on behalf of either party.

The Process Matters

Divorce Express says: If you (1) want to have a choice and (2) can agree on some fundamental ground rules for resolving your disputes, here is a viable alternative for your family. It does not guarantee a result which one of you deems to be “fair”. It does offer you a process that is fair.  

The Financial Cost of Divorce Is Daunting

Rates for divorce lawyers range from $275 an hour to $800 for the top guns. A well-handled “simple” divorce is likely to cost each party at least $10,000, and depending on the size and complexity of marital assets and on child-custody issues, it’s not unusual for the figure to reach $50,000. A trial requiring a full complement of private detectives, computer experts, and psychological, psychiatric, and custody witnesses can cost each side well over $100,000.

It's Not For Everyone!

There are many people who will look with disfavor on a process which tries to minimize “tactical advantage” [Money, power, threat, intimidation, etc.] as a factor which tilts outcomes in the direction of the “well positioned”. That is not said to be critical of such people. It is said so those people will not see Divorce Express as a viable option for them. In fact, they should avoid Divirce Express. That's why we said "It's Not For You". The traditional legal system does work in those cases. If you want to gain an advantage by being secretive about your finances, by opening secret accounts, by losing or being unable to find financial information which might be relevant to the process, the legal system awaits. Divorce Express is not for you.

How Does Divorce Express Reduce The Financial Cost?

But do yourself and/or your family a favor. Why does it cost so much and take so long? Why are attorney fees so high? There is no single answer, but in many situations, the cost is a by-product of (a) the “formal discovery” process and (b) the length of time the process takes to come to an end. Divorce Express addresses both of these variables. That is a major reason for its appeal.



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