Calculating Support

Calculating the Support--A Calculator


Calculating Child Support?

Let's keep it simple before we get complicated. There are Guideline Calculators for you to use, and there is a Child Support Guideline Worksheet you can use. Indulge yourself. Remember, if both parents have the children with them for more than 35% of the overnights, the "Shared Custody" calculation and Worksheet is the one to use. Lawyers and Judges pay for, and have access to, a calculator which is now in general use. If you want to educate yourself as to that which follows, look at Maryland's Guideline statute.

Only Minor Children Are Included--Unless You Agree To Something Different

A Court cannot require a parent to support a child after the child reaches age 18, unless the child qualifies as an "adult disabled child". Parents can, however, enter into an agreement to support a child a 

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