Thinking About Getting Lawyer?


Define Your Own Needs

Choosing a lawyer to represent you in your separation and divorce is a decision to be made carefully.  There are some preliminary steps which you can take to improve your chances of locating a lawyer with whom you may be satisfied. You should start thinking about the types of information you want to know about a lawyer before you ever start.


Don’t blindly accept the recommendation of another person, however knowledgeable you think they may be. What you need to find out depends upon what you are looking for. Always tailor your search to your own needs.

Your Goals?

Think about what you are trying to accomplish and what kind of lawyer might be best to assist you in accomplishing your objectives.


Although hardly exclusive, give some thought to the following questions as you approach the task: How much experience do you want the lawyer to have in the practice of family law?   Family Law has become a specialized field, and there are certain lawyers that handle only divorce and custody matters.  You may or may not need such a specialist.


Cost is always a consideration, and specialists tend to charge a higher hourly rate than general practitioners who handle less complicated domestic matters. 


Do you want a lawyer who will try and resolve your situation without causing additional hostility and conflict? Or is your situation one in which force must be met with force? Do you think your situation is one which is more likely to reach the result you want, or in the way you want, if the lawyer has the ability to settle cases, or the ability to litigate cases? Is the lawyer better, or better known for, the ability to settle cases “amicably”, or for the ability to extract resentful economic justice with more coercive techniques?  (Or, in the terms of a favorite phrase, “winning through intimidation!”) Which do you need? Which do you yearn for? Why?

Man or Woman?

Do you want a man or a woman? Why, and how does the answer to that question relate to your overall objectives?


w accessible do you want the lawyer to be? How do you want the lawyer to communicate with you?



Should you be kept involved, or do you just want someone who will just “handle it”?



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