Adult Children of Alcoholics


1.   Guess what normal behavior is. 

2.   Have difficulty following a project from beginning to end. 

3.   Lie when it would be just as easy to tell the truth. 

4.   Judge themselves without mercy. 

5.   Have difficulty having fun. 

6.   Take themselves very seriously. 

7.   Have difficulty with intimate relationships.

8.   Overreact to changes over which they have no control.

9.   Constantly seek approval and affirmation.

10. Feel that they are different from other people.

11. Are super-responsible or super irresponsible.
12. Are extremely loyal, even when in the face of evidence that loyalty is undeserved.
13. Tend to lock themselves into a course of action without giving consideration to consequences.


And sometimes (Mother and Daughter get DUI's Seven Minutes Apart!)

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