A Useful Guide to Help You Get Through Divorce 

Complete Guide To A Maryland Divorce by William T. Kerr

In  “The Complete Guide To A Maryland Divorce” Author William T. Kerr offers valuable tips for those going through, or about to go through, a divorce. Divorce is a reality of life in our culture. Becoming overwhelmed during this time is one of the hazards. The emotional turmoil of divorce, coupled with the ongoing demands of whatever else we have chosen to do in our lives, drives us in all sorts of directions, often in the wrong one. Divorce is all about choice and change. It is like all of the challenges that lie in wait during your life. Divorce, like all change, creates its own stress. It challenges you to redefine what you want out of life, and what pain you are willing to endure to get it. Divorce is a challenging physical experience as well as an emotionally draining one. The Complete Guide To A Maryland Divorce tells us not waste our most valuable resource. We should take care of our selves as we move on in life. Divorce can be an opportunity to enrich your experience of life, or it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy of pain - it’s really all up to you. The Complete Guide To A Maryland Divorce is now available for your reading pleasure. To order a copy of this insightful book, just log on at or visit your nearest book retailer today.

Divorce for Dummies 

Divorce For Dummies Book Cover

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There’s no such thing as an easy divorce. But knowing what to expect and being prepared to cope with the emotional, legal, and financial complications of a divorce certainly lessen the pain.Divorce For Dummies, Second Edition helps you minimize the stress and strain of divorce by cutting legal costs and knowing everything you should ask your attorney and expect your attorney to ask you. This reassuring guide covers everything you need to know about divorce, including:




Finding Your Niche Can Be a Bitch But It Doesn't Have to Be 

Finding Your Niche Can Be a Bitch But It Doesn't Have to Be by Kathy Dolbow Doran

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